A Fresh Assessment

Are we flourishing in our ministry to women?

A new and fresh design for a ministry to women has to begin with an assessment of what has been done in the past – whether it is working well and bearing incredible fruit for the Lord or needing a new and fresh start. We need to ask the question of what is working or not working in reaching the women in our communities.

Gather your ministry to women leaders and work through these questions together. This is a key time to assess what already exists for women in your corps and what needs a fresh and innovative approach to ministry.

  • Dream BIG! What does a vibrant and flourishing ministry look like to you? If you had all the resources you need, what would you do with them to attract and meet the needs of women in your communities?
  • What ministry does your corps offer women? Who are the women that come? What are their interests? Why are they coming? What needs do you meet for them?
  • Who are the women that do not come anymore? Is there anyone in the corps that is still in contact with them? Has anyone visited them or sent them an invitation to a ministry to women event or meeting?
  • Who are the women that come to other corps activities, but not to a ministry to women event or meeting? Be honest, why haven’t they come? What unmet needs might they have?
  • Who are the women who surround The Salvation Army in your communities? Is there a shelter, an apartment complex nearby with moms, or older adults? What are the unmet needs of female clients that visit our social services? Who are the moms with kids that come to youth activities? What are their unique needs?
  • What are the age demographics of your city? Is it primarily retirees, young people, working moms, others?
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