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By Colonel Donna Igleheart Happy summer friends! I pray this note finds you well, blessed and enjoying the sunny side of life. Last summer I was still surrounded by the new, the strange, a never-ending mound of boxes and yet sweetly overwhelmed with the beauty around me here in Southern California. Maybe today you find […]

August 2021 Inspire Newsletter

In a world of social media, it is easy to compare ourselves with others. We see perfect homes, families and lives on on-line and we wish we could be the other person. This month’s theme is “Just Be… Uniquely You!” You don’t need to be anyone else, but be the person God created you to […]

August Games & Activities: Fun in the Son/Sun

By Major Shari FowlerSecretary for Program – Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command No craft idea this month, but enjoy these games and activities out in the sunshine. Squirt Gun Painting Set up easels or attach large water-color art paper to an outside wall, tree or hang on a clothesline. Fill squirt guns with liquid water-color paint […]

August Bible Study: Under the Son

By Lt. Taneya GarrettAdministrator for Program – Long Beach, CA ARC Over the years I have met many women who feel like they can’t enjoy life with Jesus. What I’ve noticed is that they are so consumed and broken down by life and their situations, that by the time they remember or even realize that […]

August Devotional: Under the Son

By Major Dina GracianiDirector of Special Services – Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command Ae you weary or heavy burdened? Does life seem extremely challenging with all that is thrown at you? Do you feel like “enough is enough” and that you just don’t think you can handle what tomorrow might bring? Then, I have good news […]

July 2021 Inspire Newsletter

Ahh… it’s the lazy days of summer. There is just something about summer that makes us want to relax. Perhaps it is the heat that slows us down, or the change from the regular routine (especially if you have school-age children), or the longer days. Whatever the reason, July is a great time to “Just […]

Peace Despite the Chaos

By Major Beth Desplancke When you think of the Fourth of July what comes to mind? For me, I instantly think fireworks. My in-laws live in a community near Los Angeles and in their city, safe and sane fireworks are legal. None of the neighboring communities allow fireworks of any kind. What that means is […]

Book Review: “For Such A Time as This”

Book Review by Captain Claudia Pardo-BarrigaDivisional Youth & Candidates’ Secretary – California South Division “Just as Esther was particularly equipped to have an impact on her own time and culture, so you have been prepared to affect this generation.” (Lisa Ryan, 2001) I love a good read. More so when it is relatable and an […]

July Craft: Mod Podge Boxes

By Major Gaylene YardleyMetro Phoenix Resource Officer – Southwest Division Supplies Boxes of any shape or sizeModge Podge MatteOld picturesPaintSpray gloss Modge PodgePaint brushes Instructions Paint your box with any color you like. Cut out the pictures you plan to adhere to your box. Using a clean paint brush, brush the Modge Podge onto the […]