Defining What We Value

What if what we traditionally think of as a “program” is actually just a community?

Flourishing in life doesn’t always come naturally, but it has a greater chance to when a place is created for a gathering, where women come together, and find just what they need for life: connection, belonging and community.

What does gathering look like if you focus on building community around needs, interests, or seasons of life?

Adult Literacy

Baby Care

Bible Journaling

Bible Study/Mentoring

Book Club

Budgeting for Home

Coffee & Canvas

Coffee & Conversation



DYI Saturdays




Healthy Living

Ladies Night Out

Literature & Lattes

Mom’s & Tots

Movie Night

Pinterest Party

Quilting Club

Recovery or Support Groups

Single Moms Club

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Strength’s Finder

Supper Club

Vocational Training

Walking/Hiking Club