Your Roots, Your Strength

We don’t usually “ooh” and “awe” over the beautiful look of tree roots. We don’t always see them and even when we do, they’re not always beautiful but boy are they essential to growth and flourishing! Without deep roots, the plant dies. Roots need space to expand and that’s why sometimes if a plant is left in a small pot, it can get root bound. The growth is stunted, and you never see the real beauty because it’s not given room to grow. However, transplanting the plant to a larger pot can work wonders! It’s amazing the growth and beauty that can happen as a result!

As we engage in ministry to women, there is a good lesson here for us. If our ministry to women is to grow and flourish, we need our roots to go deep in Christ. Our purpose in programming, while it includes fun and fellowship, is ultimately to lead women into a deeper relationship with Christ. A program with deep roots is one with a rich spiritual focus.


Bible Studies

Spiritual Gifts Survey

Enneagram Study

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Lectio Divina

Contemplative Prayer

Journaling Class

Spiritual Reflection Exercises

Spiritual Formation Podcasts


Caring for Caretakers

Women with All Abilities


Young Girls (BRAVE)

Strengths Finder Class

Working Women (Ladies Night Out)

Mom’s with Young Children (Baby Song)