February 2024 Craft: Napkin Mod Podge Planter

By Captain Hilda Parks
Renton, WA Corps
Northwest Division

A great way to unplug is to craft. Here is an easy craft that you can make and enjoy during your “unplugged” times.

Decorative Napkins
Mod podge 
paint brush


  • Pick any small plant from your patio or buy a small one at any grocery store. 
  • Chose any mug and floral napkins that you like, preferable ones with flowers so you can cut the pattern.  
  • Once cut attach one by one to the mug, using the mod podge, then cover the mug entirely with your patterns in a thin layer of mod podge using a brush or even your fingers.
  • Once all covered add a full coat of mod podge.
  • Allow to dry 24 hours then enjoy with your favorite plant.