That’s what Lt. Erin Wikle is sharing on this episode of the Do Gooders Podcast. As a Salvation Army officer, or pastor, currently serving in Santa Monica, California, her ministry faces the effects of addiction, the reality of homelessness and more.

Yet she also gets to lead people in worship.

As someone who first sang in a worship group at age 6, Wikle explores what draws her to music, shares her favorite piece of music—which might surprise you—and walks us through her own creative process to writing a song.

Her new song, “Wait For You Here,” is available wherever you download or stream music and all proceeds go directly to The Salvation Army.

As she will tell you—music can be used to help uplift, encourage, and articulate the human experience—if any songwriter or musician can compose to that end, ministry is taking place.

Good words from Lt. Erin Wikle in this show:

  • “We see depravity every day. We see the effects of behavioral health issues every day. We see the effects of drugs and alcohol on men and on women who just really can’t get out of the cycle of addiction.”
  • “As I grew, I really began to understand the beauty and the importance of worship.”
  • “I have a deep appreciation for musicians who are willing to be wholly who they are as artists without feeling the pressure to do mainstream music.”
  • “Anything that I’ve written for myself, I want it to mean something to someone, as well.”

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Lt. Erin Wikle’s new song, “Wait for You Here,” can be downloaded from your favorite music streaming service with all proceeds going to The Salvation