The shared theme of Women’s Ministries throughout the world in 2019 is ‘On the way to Heaven’. Paul writes to the Philippians ‘But our citizenship is in heaven’ (Philippians 3:20).

This theme will look at how our heavenly citizenship influences the way that we live here on earth and gives us a direction and meaning to our life as we are on our way to Heaven. We will celebrate and rejoice in our own diverse cultures but will emphasize the things that unite us. It is all about Kingdom culture and the spiritual values that we see in Jesus.  These studies are designed to be flexible and allow for the addition of material that is relevant to your culture and context.

Each study includes four sections that can be explored with your group, as follows:

1. What the Bible says – where you explore ‘What does the text actually say?’
It is important that you read the Bible carefully and allow it to speak to you and guide the content of your study.

2. Our lives today – considers questions such as:
• What does the Bible reading tell you about your life?
• Does it highlight any problems in society?
• What challenges are there for the way you live your life?

3. Discussion questions – depending upon where you are using the studies, you may choose to select one or two questions that seem most suitable for you, or ask different groups to discuss other aspects and possibly, if you have time, share what they have been speaking about.

4. ‘Our journey to Heaven’ – this is designed to give you something to take away and do before you meet again.

IHQ 2019 Bible Study – English

IHQ 2019 Bible Study – Chinese

IHQ 2019 Bible Study – Portuguese

IHQ 2019 Bible Study – Spanish