Book Review: “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl”

Book Review by Captain Vickie Harvey
Divisional Secretary for Program – Northwest Division

I am raising my hand, “I want to know God, personally and intimately”. I believe we all want that as Christian women. Lysa Terkeurst truly spoke to my heart in “Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl”, as she shared her experiences and the scriptures that have shaped them, into our everyday reality. If you’re tired of the same old thing every week – going to church (or watch church), praying and trying to live right; then this is the book to get you out of that spiritual funk.

Lysa Terkeurst will challenge & impact you as she seeks to lead women to the truth of the Gospel and equipped to live it out in everyday life. We need more than Bible knowledge – we need to live in true relationship with Christ because as women, we have a deep emotional desire to be in relationship. As we navigate through life, God desires more than a checklist of spiritual tasks completed. His desire is for us to be in a deeply fulfilling relationship with Him.

This book would be great for a new believer and a great reminder for mature believers. Lysa has also taken this book and developed a supplement that is available for a small group Bible study. I recommend this easy read book to any woman who wants to see God, hear God, and know God for themselves.