Book Review: “Be Still and Put Your PJ’s On – 52 Restful Devotions for Women”

Book Review by Major Lynn Stewart
General Secretary of Program Development to LA Metro Area Coordination
California South Division

Rest is something that doesn’t always come easy to us as women. We try and navigate the day while wearing ten different hats going in ten different directions. Add to that worries about Covid 19 and all the mess going on in our world. It can be overwhelming to say the least and that is why I was drawn to this devotional book, Be Still and Put Your PJ’s On – 52 Restful Devotions for Women by Michelle Cox and Sylvia Schroeder.

I’m a girl who loves PJ’s! There’s nothing like getting cozy and putting on your favorite cute jammies and making a good cup of tea. The next progression naturally ushers us into the opportunity to Be Still and to REST. While in quarantine mode I was so quick to turn to Netflix or Amazon prime to so call rest but learned quickly that I could only fill that void for so long. I realized what I was lacking was time with my Savior, the giver of rest, peace, and comfort.

I enjoyed this book because it gives practical ways on how we can be still and rest. It’s filled with delightful though provoking devotionals, reflection time, and REST prompts that’s beneficial to your daily life and mental health.

In the introduction the author writes: “For many of us, rest is something that is almost foreign. It’s out of reach on most days. We know better, but we fill our days with enough tasks to keep six people busy. And then we wonder why were tired, grouchy, or don’t feel like doing anything. It’s time for us to use the commonsense God gave us: to realize that rest is a good thing, and that God designed our bodies to need it. For most of us, that’s going to require some changes.” Are you ready?

I highly recommend this book for the weary woman searching for REST. I pray God speaks to you in a powerful way as you turn these pages and spend time with Him.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10a ESV