Book Review: “2 Chairs: The Secret That Changes Everything”

By Major Iva West
Helena, MT Corps – Northwest Division

Bob Beaudine’s book, 2 Chairs: The Secret That Changes Everything, invites the reader to explore who God is in a very personal way. Beaudine challenges and encourages the reader to sit awhile at the feet of Jesus and to be present. The writer conveys the significance of being present with God and how that can positively impact their decision-making in their daily life.

Beaudine outlines seven practical steps for the reader to learn how to walk boldly, courageously, and faithfully through life’s challenges with God daily. Beaudine has a message for anyone who is struggling to understand the full scope of God’s promises and their self-worth. Each step reminds the reader of their value, self-worth and that God’s love can change their lives in a very practical real way. If you are struggling with life’s challenges and finding your purpose in life this book will remind you of God’s faithfulness on a daily basis.

2 Chairs was very meaningful to me especially now in the midst of the ongoing crisis around us. The book illustrates to the reader about God’s desire for us to slow down and spend quality time with Him. Beaudine employs us to trust and lean on God for everything regardless of our circumstances. I loved 2 Chairs because of how the writer used real illustrations that were applicable to me. Some of the concepts in the book might be challenging to consider but Beaudine substantiates all his principles with scripture. The concept of the two chairs was easily understood and brief.

It is my opinion this book would be very beneficial to all Christians, especially new believers. This book had a lot of diverse information and I was excited to read it. This book talks about an individual’s self-value, self-worth, and God’s unfailing love. I plan to utilize the two chairs analogy daily so that I can hear and feel God’s presence in my life more and more.