Women’s Ministries Special Events

The Salvation Army USA Western Territory

It is encouraged that every corps feature Women’s Ministries Sunday within a program year (October-September). The purpose of the day is to inspire and celebrate the women of your women’s ministries groups and recognize the various women’s ministries groups.

a. This annual event may be extended to include:

  • a rally to which representatives of other women’s groups (Army and non-Army) may be invited
  • other special programs, such as music, drama, film
  • a celebration of family

b. Women’s Sunday also provides an opportunity for women who belong to Women Ministries groups but who do not normally attend Sunday worship to hear and respond to the message of salvation.

Plans for the observance should be made at the planning meeting. Home League members and Women’s Ministries group participants should be used in the meeting(s).

A narrative report of special activities is included in the Quarterly Narrative Report. In recording statistics, it is to be noted that Women’s Sunday attendance should be recorded as senior corps activities and are not to be entered as Women’s Ministries statistics.

All divisions must hold at least one camp, conference, retreat, or rally per year focused on the specific needs of women. Home League local officers and members and Women’s Ministries Group participants should be encouraged to attend these events. The programs are designed to be beneficial spiritually, mentally, and socially.

Leadership institutes sponsored by the division will be planned by the Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary annually or bi-annually or according to the needs of the division. Corps-sponsored leadership training sessions are also encouraged. It is expected that all local officers, leaders and potential local officers and leaders be encouraged to attend to take advantage of these opportunities.