Women’s Ministries Financial Guidelines

The Salvation Army USA Western Territory

  1. Each member should be encouraged to contribute financially to Women’s Ministries.
  2. Any WM group may establish a custodial account where money is directly deposited into the corps financial books.
  3. All money received must be counted and checked by two unrelated, responsible persons, then handled according to territorial policy.
  4. Any financial grant made to the corps funds from any WM group fund must be done in full consultation with the local officers/lay leaders of the WM group. Any transaction must be done with the consent of the officer/corps administrator and with the endorsement of the Divisional Director of Women’s Ministries.
  5. A brief financial report should be given monthly or quarterly to each group that has an account.
  6. An up-to-date inventory of equipment should be kept. These items are WM property and may not be borrowed without permission.
  7. Every WM group is to participate in two annual projects: Territorial and Divisional.

The corps officer/officer-in-charge/corps administrator and leaders of the Women’s Ministries Groups(s) are together responsible to ensure that accounting for group finances is carried out in accordance with Salvation Army policy.