Junior Home League Guidelines

The Salvation Army USA Western Territory

Junior Home League is a self-esteem development program for girls, ages 11-15 years old. It provides insight to personal improvement and skill building.


It all commenced in 1967 when a concerned Officer’s wife had the interests and needs of young girls in her Corps at heart. Would a Junior Home League be the answer? This exciting idea was presented to the Territorial President of Women’s Organizations in Canada (at that time Mrs. Commissioner C. Wiseman), who readily accepted the suggestion – and thus the Junior Home League was born in the Canadian Territory and it spread like a flame throughout the Territory.


When a prospective member is ready for entry into full membership a special ceremony should be held when the Member receives her Pledge Card and makes her promise. The whole aim and purpose of the group is to provide a link to full acceptance as a Home League Member. The Junior Home League member can, if desired, become a Home League Member when she reaches the age of 14 years. If so, then Membership can automatically be transferred. The Junior Home League member can, however, defer her transfer until a later date if desired.


A separate Register should be secured for the Junior Home League group. Cash records should be kept separate, but, with agreement of the Corps Officer, the Home League Treasurer could be responsible for making bank deposits or withdrawals.


Local Officers for Junior Home League, such as a Junior Home League Secretary and Junior Home League Secretary is encouraged. Other positions can be commissioned/warranted as necessary.

These can be held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly according to need and local circumstances. The day and time should be planned to suit the majority of prospective members.

Meetings ought to provide FAITH … FUN … FELLOWSHIP … FOOD. In addition, there should be an opportunity for growing – some learning experience, personal improvement, self-development, that challenge as well as stimulate interest.


A special ceremony is suggested for the enrollment of Junior Home League Members. The Junior Home League members have their own Pledge Card – and it brings its own peculiar thrill to stand before an earnest group of young girls, some of who have never had any connection with a church before, look into their fresh, sincere faces reflecting the glow of the candles nervously in their hands and hear them repeat their pledge and then pray … “God … give me strength and guidance that I may carry out this pledge.”


A table is set up with a beautiful cloth, an open Bible (modern translation) a Home League flag and a Salvation Army flag, and a large white candle. Sufficient candles for the new members are supplied. The large candle is lit at the commencement of the enrollment.

(Supply young people with details of portions to be read in unison)

As the names of the young people are read, they take their places at the front, standing in a semi- circle around the table. Their leader and the Officer stand at the opposite ends of the semi-circle.

(The Officer conducts the enrollment. This enrollment may also be conducted in a Senior Home League Meeting).

The Salvation Army Home League is one of the largest women’s organizations in the entire world, and it is a privilege to welcome girls into this fellowship. They are the Home-makers of the future and we believe they appreciate the Christian emphasis in the home and will endeavor to practice Christian precepts in their daily living.

The Jr. Home League Motto is “With goodwill, doing service.”

The Home League Program is four-fold and these young people before us will tell us what this program means to them. –

(Young people read in unison)
WORSHIP: In Worship we will seek the guidance of God, our Heavenly Father, in all the decisions we shall have to make in the days that lie ahead, and we will attend a place of worship whenever it is possible.

FELLOWSHIP: We believe in Fellowship well planned; in social life, good entertainment and an out-stretched hand to all, no matter what their race, color or creed.

EDUCATION: Education is wide in its scope and involves not only the gathering of facts in order to pass an examination, not only acquiring skills and crafts but should direct our whole attitude to life and people.

SERVICE: We are called upon to serve wherever there is a need; in our home, in our Church, in our community and faraway places of the world. We give practical aid to the poor, the lonely and the discouraged, and we engage in Missionary and local projects for the good of others.

CHARGE: As Jr. Home League members I charge you to uphold the ideals of the Four-fold program of the Home League and support the Seniors and share fellowship with them.

YOUNG PEOPLE: We light a candle signifying that we believe in Jesus the Light of the world who gave Himself to disperse the darkness of sin and bring peace to every heart.

(The girls light candles and then repeat the Pledge from their cards) (Leader hands out Pledge Cards)


As a member of the Jr. Home League, I promise to the best of my ability to promote its four-fold purpose.

WORSHIP: I will seek to honor God daily

FRIENDSHIP: I will seek to be kind and understanding at all times

EDUCATON: I will seek to “think” beyond the confines of my own life and circumstances

SERVICE: I will endeavor, in some small way, to be of service to others

I now ask God to give me strength and guidance that I may carry out this pledge.

Suitable Song and prayer by Corps Officer or Home League Secretary