Bible Study: Strong Women of the Bible
By Captain Jan Pemberton
Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary, Alaska Division

As we see throughout the Bible there are many women that that are used by the Lord. Each woman had her own strength and came from various backgrounds.  God clearly tells us that women matter. We learn that God uses women throughout the Bible to share his message and to care for His people.  We will look at 4 strong and capable women during this study and how we can relate to each one in our own way. We will look into the lives of Deborah, Ruth, Esther and Hannah.

1) Deborah
Read Judges Chapter 4 & 5

Characteristics of Deborah:

  •  The only woman judge mentioned in the Bible
  • Ruled for 40 years and was well respected by all those in Israel.
  • We see that Deborah life was intriguing. She was also well respected by everyone in Israel, very uncommon at the time, she was shroud when she needed to be and she was a woman known for her compassion, fairness and known for her diligence for justice. She stood out because her skills for both civic and spiritual leadership was well received. He faith in God was a beacon of hope for her people at a time of great turmoil.

Questions to ask:

  1. How can we lead like Deborah in our lives?
  2. What Deborah-like characteristics do you possess?
  3. Are you fair and compassionate in your life both at home and work?

2) Ruth
Read Ruth 1-4

Characteristics of Ruth:

  • She becomes a widow at a young age
  • She is brave, obedient and compassionate
  • She works in the fields to provide for her older Mother-in-Law when she could have turned back to her homeland.
  • Stays true to the God of Israel even though she is from an area that is looked down upon

Questions to ask:

  1. Could I have left my homeland if in the same situation?
  2. Would I be as diligent about providing for my family as Ruth?
  3. Would I be as bold as Ruth to gain favor of the “Lord of the Manor”?

3) Esther
Read Esther 2,4 & 5

Characteristics of Esther:

  • Risk-taker
  • Put others first
  • Woman of Godly Principles
  • Courageous
  • Caring and compassionate

Questions to ask:

  1. Would I be able to be as brave as Esther?
  2. What risks have I had to take to help someone?
  3. Would I be able to go stick to my principles like Esther?

4) Hannah
Read 1 Samuel 1- 1 Samuel 2:11

Characteristics of Hannah:

  • Brave & Faithful
  • Diligent & Loving
  • Troubled, sorrowful, sad
  • Godly & Wise
  • Inspirational
  • Powerful in prayer life

Questions to ask:

  1. Has there been a moment in my life where I have should deep faithfulness?
  2. Have I taken my sorrows to God, much like Hannah?
  3. In my own faithfulness, has there been a moment of great reward from God?
  4. Do I possess the diligent prayer life to make great things happen for the cause of Christ?

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