His Greatest Gift Craft:  Cross String Art
By Captain Jan Pemberton
Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary, Alaska Division

This is a fun craft for anyone. This craft can be a reminder to us that when we are needing God the most He is there.

Please note: For those that are younger an adult may need to set the nails beforehand.

Supplies needed:

A piece of wood at least 7”x 9”
Copy of cross template 
1/2 half inch finishing nails
Package of Embroidery string – you can choose the color or colors you want
Paint & Paint brush (optional)


1. Sand any rough edges until smooth, if needed.

2. If painting, allow paint to dry and sand edges to give it an antique look.

3. Begin by tapping nails into the shape of a smaller cross, inset to larger cross, see attached template.

4. Nail each nail into the wood, in this pattern, adjusting as needed to depth of the wood, hammering it into to wood enough to hold it firmly in place.

5. Select a color of embroidery floss. Tie its end to one of the nails, trimming the excess on the short side of the knot, as needed.

6. Wrap the long end of the floss around one nail at a time, working your way around the shape of the cross. Two or more times around the outside edge is recommended for maximum visibility.

7. To fill the cross shape, wrap floss around a nail, then cross it (inside the cross shape) to another nail and wrap again. Continue until the inside of the cross is decorated.
Please note there is no special design to use for this craft, make it your own.

8. At any time, tie off one color, around a nail, as you did at the start, and begin with another, continuing until you are pleased with the results.

Download the PRINTABLE VERSION of this craft

Note: Also on our website is SHARING THE GOOD NEWS devotional that coordinates with this craft.