Book Review by Captain Harryette O’Brien
Divisional Youth Secretary, Southwest Division

The world can be a scary place. While my kids are at home, I can control what they watch on TV, the games they play on their electronics, the books they read, and just about anything else. As adults we help teach kids Bible stories, foundations of their faith, prayer, and much more. We teach an equip them with skills and information that we think will be helpful for them when they are out in the world. If you are anything like me, then you pray as hard as you can once your kids step out the front door. You pray that the things you have taught them float to the front of their brains. You pray that your voice is louder than what the world has to offer.

Mama Bear Apologetics is an interesting read. It encourages parents to have deep and meaningful conversations with children regarding not just their faith, but why they believe what they believe. To be honest, I had to Google, “What is apologetics?” From there, I understood the foundation of the book. Teaching kids to love God is SOO good. Teaching kids Bible stories, and Sunday school songs are equally as good. The author informs us that one topic that often gets missed is teaching kids why they believe what they believe. The answer is not, “Because my mom told me”. That kind of reasoning will not hold up against individuals trying to convince them to make bad choices, sharing their faith with others, or navigating the world. As parents, we need to equip our children with the tools they need to succeed.

As a parent, corps officer, youth leader, and much more, any resource I can get to help teach kids about the love of Jesus and help with the foundations of their faith are great.