June 2023 Craft: Seasons May Change Painting

By Captain Heather Pope
Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary – Alaska Division

This is the perfect project to remind us that even though things around us may change, God’s love is steadfast and true. He is with us through each and every moment. In times of uncertainty we may cling to Him and find peace.

First you will need to choose a piece of paper or a canvas to paint on. The paper in the picture is a 12×12 piece of cardstock. You will then use painters’ tape or any other tape that is easy to peel off. Put a piece of tape around each of the four sides. I used a wider piece on the top to leave enough space to write after painting. Now use thin pieces of tape to section off the paper into four equal parts.

Choose four colors that you would like to use to represent each season. I chose to use darker colors at the top and then gradually fade into lighter tones. You can lighten the dark colors by adding a little white paint. Acrylic paints worked the best.

Next you will use black paint to paint your tree with branches. Don’t worry about making it perfect. Once you add the leaves in the next step it will look great.

Now is the fun part, you get to paint the different seasons on their branches. Add flowers, green leaves, a bright sun, fall colored leaves and lots of snow.

Once your masterpiece is dry, remove each piece of tape to reveal your four sections of seasons.

Now you can add your favorite quote or scripture that will reflect how God never changes.

Download printable instructions of this craft: