Book Review: “The Seven Spirits or What I Teach My Officers”

Book review by Major Rubina Navarro
Assistant Training Principal – College For Officer Training

Is your spirit discouraged? Has the burning flame for ministry dwindled? William Booth’s The Seven Spirits: or What I Teach My Officers, I believe will inspire and reignite the flame.

This book contains series of Addresses delivered by General William Booth to the Salvation Army Officers at the International Congress held in London, in June 1904. His writing is full of knowledge, practical counsel, Biblical principles, encouragement, and call to action for not only Officers but anyone who desires to live out the zealous calling that the Lord has placed in our lives. The structure of the book goes through the Seven Spirits, which Booth references to the seven spirits in Revelation; the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of Purity, the Spirit of Devotion, the Spirit of Holy Warfare, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Faith, and the Spirit of Burning Love. Booth’s explanation for the seven spirits reveals his heart and mission for his Officers.

While this book is short and can be read in one seating, I would suggest allowing yourself time to grapple and marinate oneself to the depth of our Founders teaching and counsel. From reading this book, I found myself encouraged and affirmed in my calling as a Salvation Army Officer. I recommend this book and it worth having a copy in your office.