Book Review: “Grace for the Good Girl”

Book Review by Captain Ryan Boyd
Missoula, MT – Northwest Division

Grace for the Good Girl is a book by Emily P. Freeman. But it was the subtitle for this book, “letting go of the try hard life” that hooked me.

Freeman discusses how being “the good girl” can keep you from experiencing true freedom in Christ. Having been a good girl all my life, this idea both intrigued and scared me. But Freeman talks about letting go of our masks and being who we are – loved by a God who isn’t impressed by our status as a Good Girl.

There were so many parts of this book that I really resonated with, and my favorite thing was how I felt seen and understood – but also called out on my unconscious belief that I had to be “Good” for God to love me. If you find your identity as the “Good Girl” – the one who always follows the rules, the one who is dependable and can be counted on, the one who is letter of the law – then I would recommend that you read this book and help free yourself from the chains that you are creating so that you can live in the true freedom that Christ provides.

My favorite quote from this book is, “Ultimately the law will make you so miserable you’ll want to die. Then you will find that someone already died for you.” It’s time to stop finding our value and worth in being Good and to start finding it in the One who offers it freely.