August Games & Activities: Fun in the Son/Sun

By Major Shari Fowler
Secretary for Program – Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command

No craft idea this month, but enjoy these games and activities out in the sunshine.

Squirt Gun Painting

Set up easels or attach large water-color art paper to an outside wall, tree or hang on a clothesline. Fill squirt guns with liquid water-color paint and fire away! (No squirt guns? Use spray bottles).

Bucket Ball

Set up 12 plastic sand buckets, 6 on each side and using tennis balls or small, squishy water bomb balls, have teams take turns tossing the ball in the buckets. Team with the most in the buckets after each round, wins.

Human Ring Toss

Yep, just what is says. Use inflatable pool rings and try to “ring” them on a volunteer. Team with the most “ringers” after each round, wins!

Sensory Discovery Walk

Take your group for a walk in the sunshine. You can go to a park, lake, river, mountain, beach or just around the Corps center. As you walk along, stop and ask people to name 5 things they see, 4 things they hear, 3 things they smell, 2 things they can touch, and 1 thing they can taste (maybe). Do this several times along your walk. At the end take time to pray prayers of appreciation for our senses and all the magnificent things God has created.

Download the printable version of these activities.

Below are some fun printable activities to enjoy:

Summer Fun – Word Scramble (free resource) from

Summer Fun – Word Search (free resource) from

Note: Also on our website is UNDER THE SON Bible Study and UNDER THE SON devotional that coordinate with these games and activities.