Mother’s Day Mosaic Craft
Lt. Mandy Hall
Denver Red Shield, Intermountain Division

Wood Letters (or shape)


Mosaic Tiles (or broken tile, broken pottery)

Tile Grout
Popsicle Sticks
Sponge or Old Rag
Old Credit Card or Club Card

Take your first letter or shape and lay out your tiles. You can use precut tiles, break up larger tiles, or find old china and pottery at the thrift store and break it up. Lay out all your tiles on the shape before gluing them down. Make sure to leave space between each tile for the grout. Once you have laid out each tile begin gluing them down. Leave it to dry.


Once the glue has dried use a popsicle stick to spread the grout onto the entire letter. You can buy premixed grout or mix it yourself following the instructions on the packet. Grout also comes in a variety of colors! Make sure you get the grout into all the gaps; you may need to push it down into the gaps. Once it is completely covered scrape off the excess grout with an old card. Let the grout firm up and clean off with a wet rag. When the grout has completely dried paint the edges of the letter for a nicer finish. You may want to use painter’s tape to protect the tiles.

Download the PRINTABLE VERSION of this craft.

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