March Forward Craft
By Maria White, Kroc Center Hawaii, Ewa Beach, HI

Enjoy upcycling an old pair of worn out boots, giving them a new perspective and a new purpose. The boots, filled with either flowers or plants, could be placed anywhere in the home as a reminder to March forward in the Spirit—being inspired and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Supplies need:

  • One old pair of shoes: any kind will do. (I chose my husband’s old work boots.)
  • Spray paint: Any color that brings you JOY! (I chose white for the blank canvas.)
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Craft paint brushes
  • Permanent markers
  • Heavy duty bonding glue
  • Drop cloth or paper for easy clean up and protecting your work surface.

Remove laces. Dry brush shoes to remove any dirt or debris.  If you must wet them to get them clean, make sure that the shoes are completely dry before beginning to paint.


Spray shoes with one, to two coats of paint to cover thoroughly. Let them dry in between coats. Allow them to dry for several hours before painting with Craft Paint. (Best to let them dry for a complete 24 hours.)

HAVE FUN!!! Give Your Creative Spirit a chance to soar!!! I started by painting a beach scene on one boot. I PRAISE GOD for the ocean!

I used permanent markers on the other to write words that inspire me. I used colors and lines that make me smile!

To encourage creativity try using stick-on jewels, fabric flowers, fancy shoelaces, small stones, sand, shells, beads, the list is endless!!! Let this project INSPIRE JOY Within Your Soul!!!

Take Your Time. Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you as you create. In later days you can remember your time shared with Him while making this craft together. That alone will give you strength to march forward with Him!


Time to glue! When I finished decorating my new boots I held them together to see where I would place the glue. I marked those spots with a marker. Then I put the glue on those spots. Press the boots/shoes together. I also used clothes pins to hold them together while they dried.


I recycled salsa jars by filling them with water and placing them inside each boot.  Finally, I had a nice time gathering greenery from my yard to place inside my new door stop.

Each day as I “march” past this fun project I will say a prayer of Thanksgiving to GOD for His Holy Spirit and for all that He has waiting ahead of me in this life and in glory!

Download the PRINTABLE VERSION of this craft.

Note: Also on our website is  MARCHING FORWARD IN THE HOLY SPIRIT Bible Study and VICTORY IN SUFFERING devotional that coordinates with this craft.