Building well being in a person is like building a strong house—it requires certain materials, resources and opportunities.

When these materials are not available, we may have a hard time surviving the storms.

For so many kids around the world, The Salvation Army is a key part of their building materials.

Did you know The Salvation Army operates more than 2,700 schools—including schools for blind and disabled children, and residential programs for orphaned, neglected and trafficked children?

These programs are supported by people like you and like me and the lady at the center of connecting it all for The Salvation Army on the U.S. West coast is Rachel Thieme-Ramirez.

In this episode, Rachel shares how she aims to do good and how you can be part of providing for the essential needs of children right where you are.

Good words from Rachel Thieme-Ramirez in this show:

  • “They’re born into circumstances that they can’t control, so whether a child has been abandoned or abused, orphaned, or suffers extreme poverty, I feel that it’s our human responsibility to ensure they are taken care of, and that they have opportunities to flourish.”
  • “There are needs here, but there’s also needs all over the world, and some countries or communities just don’t have as many resources, so [sponsorship] is just a way for people here to connect with what’s going on in another place around the world.”
  • “I was very much affected by the barriers that these children were facing. They didn’t have parents to care for their individual needs. They didn’t have financial resources. If it wasn’t for The Salvation Army they likely would have been street children.”
  • “Your sponsorship is actually helping pay directly for the costs associated with the children—their food, their clothing, their school fees, their school uniforms.”
  • “My faith is the foundation for my life. Jesus said that the two greatest commandments are to love God, and to love others, and I really try to live my life in response to those two commandments.”

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