Below is an example of an enrollment service.  A printable version can be found here.

The Salvation Army USA Western Territory

Four-Symbol Service
(Education, Fellowship, Service, Worship)

Worship Center:

Use a table with white cloth, and an open Bible on which rests a replica of a house. Also place on the table a tall, white, twelve-inch candle and four white ten-inch candles. Place an American flag to the right (facing audience) and Home League flag to the left.

Officer conducting enrollment is assisted by the Home League Secretary and four other League locals, each of the four representing one part of the four fold purpose—Education, Fellowship, Service and Worship.

The leader stands directly in back of the Worship Center table. If desired, she may preface the ceremony with a brief resume of the beginnings and scope of the International Home League:


The Salvation Army Home League is one of the largest organizations for women in the world. We are privileged to welcome new members into this fellowship. Will the following persons whose requests for membership have been received and accepted, please come forward. (Reads names and ladies come forward).


The candles here at our Worship Center are but symbols of this great organization—the Home League. It is great in scope, for it is an international sisterhood, and it is great in purpose. The central candle is a symbol of the Home Leagues of the world. (She walks over to the worship table and lights central candle as she speaks. When candle is burning, she recites this verse):

Send thy light, O Home League candle —
To the women of our earth;
May its glow in hearts remind us
That in Christ we have new birth.
First Local:

I light the candle of Education.
Burn! O light of truth and learning
Mid our dark world’s fear and strife;
Let our women, through thy burning,
Know a brighter, richer life.
Second Local:
I light the candle of Fellowship.
Bathe our hearts, O fervent candle,
In thy warm and friendly glow;
That our sisterhood united,
Fuller life may come to know.
Third Local:

I light the candle of Service.
Give! O light of loving service,
‘Till our women, everywhere,
Know the bounty of God’s blessing
As they serve His cause to share.
Fourth Local:

I light the candle of Worship.
Light of worship! Lift our vision,
By thy sacrificial flame,
Let us know that Christ has given
Life abundant, through His name.


Recognizing your own personal responsibility to the nation, the home, and the church, and believing that in and through the Home League of The Salvation Army you can come to a better understanding of this obligation, will you:

1. Give your loyalty and allegiance to your country by making it a better place in which to live?
2. Strive to make your home a happy one, endeavoring to unite its members in Christian love and fellowship?
3. Seek to know God’s will concerning you, remembering always that He is your Heavenly Father and that you are a part of His great family?
If this is your desire, please repeat after me:
Ladies respond: “This I will strive to do.”
SONG: (Suitable devotional song).


(Prayer): OUR FATHER, we bring to Thee the members of our Home League, especially those who have today expressed their desire to join our fellowship. Grant to each the Light of Knowledge,the Warmth of Fellowship, the Candle of Service and the Flame of Worship, that their lives may be made bright in the glow of Thy shining presence. Amen!

I now accept you as members of the Home League of The Salvation Army, and take pleasure in presenting to you your official membership card and your Home League pin. (Presents cards and pins, and then concludes): You are not only members of this league, but of a great international sisterhood encircling the world. May you be ever conscious of the strength of this bond which unites our hearts and minds in love and friendship. God bless you and keep you.