December 2022 Bible Study: Flourishing in the Busy Season

By Captain Angela Morrow
Vancouver, WA Corps – Northwest Division

Take a moment to stop all your activity for a few minutes. Pause and imagine you are sitting beneath a cool and refreshing flow of water on a hot day. During the Christmas winter months, when we are cold, busy and tired, let us imagine the relaxation of basking in the cool-refreshing springs and drinking fresh-cold-water to quench our thirst.

Let’s come to Christ and allow the Spirit to breathe life through the scripture.

Read John 7:37-44

Engage the Scripture:
As you read the passage, reflect on the words and phrases within the text.

Engage the background:
The feast that is being referenced in this passage refers to the Feast of Tabernacles. During this feast, there was a ceremony. A priest would draw water from the Pool Siloam and lead a processional to the Temple. The priests would pour out the waters at the altar. The symbolic significance behind this ceremony was twofold:

  • To remind God’s people of their wilderness wanderings and how God quenched their thirst and sustained them with life.
  • It was significant to remember that the scriptures would be fulfilled. There is the promise that living water would flow from the Temple as promised in Zechariah 14 and Ezekiel 47 (Walton, John. Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, 2016, pg 1825).

In this passage, Christ is conveying that He is the source of the living water. All refreshment comes from Him, and as we drink from the well of Christ, out of God’s people will flow rivers of living water. Living water doesn’t remain stagnant, it is constantly receiving so that it can continue to pour out. Living water cleanses and quenches our deepest thirst. The water saturates the driest ground and satisfies our deepest longing.

The text conveys that the Spirit will be poured out and will become the source of the living water from Christ. It is the Temple of God’s people in Christ, (Walton 1825), and from Christ flows life, refreshment, and healing.

Ponder the Text:

As God’s people, we are in a continual state of dependency on the Spirit of the Living God. The symbolic imagery of water reminds us of God’s Spirit. The Spirit of God flows through those who have come to Christ as the source and is water to the thirsty. It brings refreshment to the weary and healing for those in need of the hope.

In verses 40—43, we read that those who witnessed this were confused. Many are seeking to understand Christ. Many are searching for hope and refreshment. Some ponder Christ and wonder who Christ is and what is His purpose. This text reminds us that Christ, not only saves us but brings refreshment and life. What a blessing that we can thrive in this and flourish as we bring life to others.

Applying the Text:

  1. Remain in a state of dependency
    As God’s people wandered the wilderness in need of refreshing streams of water, they were thirsty. During the busy season of Christmas, the source of our service is to be channels from whom flows rivers of refreshment, rivers of healing and rivers of hope. The only way to thrive in the busy season is to stay connected to the source of our healing and refreshment. We remain in a place of receiving so that we can give.
  2. Givers of Life
    God’s people are called to pour out streams of living water to the world. As we remember our calling. We are called to be a place of refreshment for others.
  3. Fruit of Transformation.
    Finally remember, where the Spirit is, through Christ, there is life. Where there is life, there is fruit and change. Do not grow weary. Remember that as you thrive and allow the Spirit to work through you, there will be transformation. There will be fruit and there will be seeds that will produce fruit.

    Remember this: “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season, we will reap, if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9).

Summary: If we are to thrive this season, let’s remember our source and the “why” as we do what we do. We serve during this season to be the receivers and givers of the refreshing waters to a world in need of hope.

We will thrive as we remain in the source.

You who are thirsty, come! Come and receive from Christ, for you need Christ to fulfill your calling to bring refreshing springs of living waters to other, so that there might be life.

Closing Prayer: Christ, our Lord, I pray that all who are reading this today might find refreshment from you during this season. I pray you might bring life this Christmas season so that we can rest in the knowledge of fruit and change from the waters of your Spirit. Amen.

Spirit of the Living God
Fall afresh on me
Spirit of the living God
Fall afresh on me
Break me; melt me; mold me; Fill me.
Spirit of the Living God
Fall afresh on me

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