April 2024 Craft: Beaded Cross Necklace Pendant

By Major Harryette Raihl
Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary
Southern California Division

Supplies Needed:
(6) 6 mm beads (smaller beads or larger beads vary the size of the cross)
(10) spacer seed beads
Gold/silver jump ring (found with jewelry making supplies in stores)
Jewelry Wire (wire sized to fit through the beads are used)
*Necklace chain if you want to attach the beaded cross pendant.

There are many different ways to do these beaded crosses. You will find some designers harder to follow and some easier. The following directions are the ones that work the best and quickest for me and look the nicest in my opinion!


1.Fold the cut wire in half. (Cut wire about 8 inches to allow extra)

2.Lace one seed bead on the wire then twist tight.

3. On BOTH wires put one big bead, then one little seed bead, then a big bead, etc. so three big beads and three seed beads are on the wires.

4. Separate the wire. On one wire string, place one seed bead, then one big, then one seed bead THEN…skip seed bead and put wire through the big bead very tight with no slack. On the other wire do the same.

5. Then add one seed bead on each wire and twist very tight.

6. Add big bead through BOTH wires and then add little seed bead.

7. ON one wire add the jump ring and thread wire back through the large bead. Then wrap several times around to secure the jump ring. Cut the wire and if necessary, thread back through hold so that no sharp wires are exposed.

8. The wire that is left can be twisted around the large bead and then cut off so that no shape wires are exposed.

Once the cross is completed simply lace through the necklace chain.

These directions seem a little complicated at first, but once you have done once and experienced what ways work best and easiest for you, the crosses can be made rather quickly. This is a relatively inexpensive craft since you usually buy the supplies in bulk so that you may make many at a time.

Download printable directions of this craft: