Forgiveness is the greatest gift we are extended through salvation, easily given by our Lord and Savior. So, why is asking for forgiveness for our wrongdoing and forgiving others of theirs one of the most difficult struggles many of us face as believers?

Life in Forgiveness, by Richard T. Case, exposes the hidden bondage that comes with choosing unforgiveness, while unveiling revelations of the freedom and joy that opening one’s heart to forgive another brings. No matter the magnitude or devastation of the betrayal, hurt, or disappointment you’ve experienced, or even if you are the issuer of such offenses, this book will uncover the spiritual and emotional treasures you’ll find in a heart fully submitted to God and a life lived in a state of forgiveness.

Through Life in Forgiveness, you will learn the roots of bitterness, the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation, and be reminded of the undeniable link between our willingness to forgive and our relationship with God.

Few things are crippling the church today like unforgiveness. In Life in Forgiveness, Richard T. Case gives sound scriptural advice on how we can surrender our hurts to God and live a life free from bitterness and anger.

-Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

A Note from Linda Case

My husband, Rich, and I have written a book on Life in Forgiveness: Embracing Reconciliation with God and Others We lead couples’ Spiritual Retreats and at every retreat almost every woman has an issue with forgiveness: either through the dominance or neglect of their husbands; rejection from parents, in-laws and children; unfairness of bosses and co-workers; or hurts from friends. It is a universal problem — and it is legitimate.

Our book on forgiveness walks us through how we are called by God to live in forgiveness when we have been unfairly hurt. The biggest issue with living in forgiveness is that most confuse this with reconciliation: Doesn’t forgiveness mean that I allow the person that hurt me to get away with hurting me and perhaps even sanction them continuing to hurt me?

Our book, Life in Forgiveness deals with this confusion and shows how it is possible to live in forgiveness 100% of the time, every time – regardless of the hurt – because forgiveness is between me and God; and then how to Biblically work the reconciliation process that does not sanction continual hurt, but creates opportunity for truth and resolutions when both parties willing; and what to do when the other party not willing.  It also helps us another big problem of life – forgiving myself (This was hardest for me).

You will find this book brings you hope for a most difficult issue.  What we have learned has meant the difference between the burden of the hurts and freedom from the hurts.  It is also one of those “give away” books for those you know struggle with this universal issue.

With love, Linda

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