Proper Uniform Wear


Minute 08-17.03 Minimum Standards for Women’s Uniform Wearing in the Western Territory

This policy is issued by authority of the Territorial Commander upon the recommendation of the Territorial Cabinet Council and the Territorial Administrative Council.

A. 1.  FORMAL UNIFORM (with skirt) – Consists of uniform skirt, lapel tunic with appropriate insignia, TradeWest issued white blouse buttoned at the neck, and 1½- to 3-inch black dress shoes with no ornamentation. TradeWest issued neck brooch is optional. A black handbag without ornamentation (not backpack) should also be used. Off black colored stockings without a seam are to be worn.

A. 2. FORMAL UNIFORM (with trousers) – Consists of EDWARD uniform trousers, lapel tunic with appropriate insignia, TradeWest issued white blouse buttoned at the neck, black or navy-blue dress socks and dress shoes without ornamentation.  TradeWeest issued neck brooch is optional.  Belt loops must never be exposed without the belt issued by TradeWest.  a black handbag (not backpack) without ornamentation should be used.

NOTE:  Any mixture of Edwards and non-Edwards uniform pieces is not allowed.

Formal uniform must be worn for Sunday worship services, public pulpit ministries, weddings and funerals unless prior permission is given by Territorial leadership.  It must also be worn when media is present.

Territorial and Divisional leadership reserve the right to designate a particular formal uniform (whether trousers or skirts) for all attendees and/or participants at specific events or occasions.

Formal uniform and skirt is always appropriate on all occasions.

B. INFORMAL (FATIGUE) UNIFORM – Consists of uniform skirt or uniform trousers, TradeWest issued white epaulet blouse (buttoned at the neck or V neck), appropriate insignia, 1½- to 3-inch black dress shoes with no ornamentation. Black or navy-blue socks or off-black stockings is appropriate when wearing trousers. Off black colored stockings without a seam are to be worn with all skirts. TradeWest issued neck brooch is optional. If belt loops are exposed the TradeWest belt from TradeWest must be worn.

Informal (Fatigue) Uniform is appropriate for general office wear, camp meetings, women’s ministries, Bible study, youth work, disasters or corps programs field trips.

C. MATERNITY UNIFORM – May wear full maternity uniform as described above (Section A) or white blouse with maternity jumper in appropriate colored material with appropriate insignia, black dress shoes with no ornamentation and off-black stockings. TradeWest issued neck brooch is optional.


Skirt Length: Skirts length should be no more than 1 inch above or 2 inches below the center of the knee.

Blouses: If a blouse collar has a button loop at the neck (Eva, Abigail style, etc.) it must be buttoned at the neck.

Travel: Uniform is to be worn by officers traveling on official business using commercial transportation. Any changes are at national/territorial discretion.

Conferences: For territorial conferences, the Territorial Commander will indicate the appropriate uniform wear. The National Commander will decide on appropriate attire for national events.

Climate/Culture: Territorial Headquarters may approve informal styles for particular settings.

Casual Wear: Army polo shirts and blue Army blouse may be worn at camp, during strenuous youth activities, and warehouse work. Full uniform is required when media is present.

Wedding and Funerals:
1. Officers are required to wear formal uniform when conducting weddings and funerals;
2. Or attending a wedding in a Salvation Army facility.
3. When the wedding reception is at a non-Army location, officers and cadets may wear private dress. (II-08-17)
4. The officer bride and groom have the choice of being married in Salvation Army uniform or in private attire. (II-08-17)
5. When an officer or cadet is a member of a non-uniform wedding party (except the conducting officer), they may wear the wedding party attire. (II-08-17)


Hat: A uniform hat may be required at specific events as indicated by territorial leadership or National minute.

Jewelry: The only jewelry allowable with uniform is as follows:

  • Watch
  •  Wedding or engagement ring
  • SA brooch to be worn at neck only
  •  SA membership/award pins
  •  Prescription glasses
  •  Conservative sunglasses (no mirrored lenses)
  •  Medical Alert bracelet
  •  Black, cream, white, gray or silver Fitbit
  •  Motiv-ring- plain silver, gold or rose-gold

Polish: Clear or natural-color polish only. French Manicure is acceptable.

Hair: Hair should be of a natural color with natural highlights. It should be kept neat and above the collar. All ornamentation (clips, bands, barrettes) should be conservative in nature and should be black or match hair color.

Makeup: Natural conservative make-up is acceptable.

Sweater/Jackets: An official Salvation Army sweater (navy blue or maroon) or navy blue jacket from TradeWest is the only acceptable sweater/jacket to be worn.

Shoes: Open-toed shoes, sandals and shoes with a strap are never appropriate with uniform. No more than three inch heels are appropriate. Flats are not to be worn without approval as outlined below.

Please note that any exceptions to the above due to medical issues must be cleared through the Director of Women’s Ministries at Divisional Headquarters or, in the case of Territorial Headquarters, through the Territorial President of Women’s Ministries. Soldiers who are uniform-wearing employees may have any exceptions cleared through their supervisor.